Large Projects
Having designed exclusive business-gifts, a company would especially distinguish itself. For special occasions there is the possibility to have small objects of art made. For example from a sculpture made by Judith Braun placed in the entrance-hall of a company, a miniature replica can be made. We have made a selection of several pieces of art for you to enjoy and be inspired with for your own business-art-gift!


Project: Rabobank - Wervershoof
Size: 11 m.

Material: RVS- polished , Steel

Project: Akzo Delfzijl
Size: 22m

Buffertoren beschilderd met stalen plastiek.

Project: Harwig Emmen
Material: Wood, copper, Light

Project: Tapetex Helmond
Material: Wood
Size: 8x3m

Project: Papier-metaal, Zutphen
Material: Bronze + Sokkels
Size: About 80cm

Project: Biezensnijder genemuiden
Material: Stainless Steel (Roestvrij staal), Bronze, water.
Size: 250x100cm

Project: Boyden Amsterdam
Material: Brons, messing op glazen sokkel
Size: 200x100cm

Project: Shell Studie reisprijs Den Haag
Material: Brons op wengé (draaiend beeld)
Size: around 35cm (replica)

Project: Cultuurprijs Tynaarlo
Material: Bronze, Messing

Project: Fontein Rabobank Zwaagdijk
Material: Glass, Bronze, Steel
Size: 6m high (fountain)

Project: Gemeente Beilen Station

Project: Particulier Den Haag

Project: Uitvaartscentrum Almelo

Project: Rabobank Winterswijk

Project: VCD Groningen

Project: Q&R Maarsbergen

Project: Gemeente Heerenveen
Material: Marble, Bronze, Concrete (beton)
Size: 180x120cm

Project: Aardappelsteker Noordbroek
Material: Bronze
Size: Life-size (levensgroot)